Arveni is basically radio protocol 'agnostic'. But with the development of our batteryless product range, we saw that the radio environment is mainly monopolistic, and monopols hinder the development of smart and innovative applications for home & building automation.

Arveni has been working for more than 7 years as design office for the most relevant equipment manufacturers in home & building automation systems. We have evaluated, and implemented the most frequent protocols in Europe for our customers. SARAH radio protocol is the result of our experience.

We propose a new Open-Source radio protocol: SARAH!

The goal of SARAH is to create an ecosystem of mutually interoperable devices.

  • SARAH can be supported by manufacturers, distributors, installers...
  • Interoperability can be highlighted as a main product feature, as it guaranties customers, on the long run, that they will be able to :
    • cut costs and save time at installation, avoiding multiple protocol & gateways
    • cut costs and save time at any layout modification
    • get the best overall performance, by mixing the most performing equipments for each single target applications
    • implement smart & innovative solutions, developed by SMEs

SARAH interoperability induces mutual prescription & sales.

You can find technical datasheet on SARAH radio protocol here.