Arveni is active as engineering office since '07, and has worked for the most prominent companies in Europe. Since 2014 we are also manufacturer of batteryless wireless wallswitches, and their receivers. This new product range is called SARAH (like batteryfree).


ARVENI's core business is harvesting energy (hARVEsting ENergY, with i replacing y). The need for local, long lasting power source is strong for wireless applications. ARVENI designs, produces and sells microgenerators. ARVENI is focused on B2B. The overall performance of ARVENI's microgenerators show today best in class performance and their design is patented.
ARVENI's aim is to become a leading industrial company of this niche market. ARVENI expands its business along four mainstreams:


  • Sales: reliable & long run customer relationship building
  • Team: motivated, highly skilled & flat decision making
  • Cash: always balance investments and free-cash-flow needs
  • R&D: develop core technology, protect it, and offer customers a panel solutions