Batteryless Wallswitch ARVENI Small
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Teleco Philips ARVENI small
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  • T-Rex Demokit available for sale
  • World Record POWER : 200mw
  • Piezo MIcrogenerator

Arveni is technical leader in mechanical energy harvesting, i.e. the conversion of small amounts of mechanical energy to electricity, in order to power wireless devices. Arveni designs, produces and sells high yield energy harvesters, also called microgenerators, for industrial wireless sensor networks, and home automation smart applications.


Arveni's microgenerators can replace batteries in most of the simple remote controls, like wireless wallswitch and remote controls, and Arveni's microgenerators provide a substantial increase in life-time for industrial wireless sensors. The microgenerator is a new renewable energy.


Our business lines are smart home & building automation : remote controls, wallswitches, doors & windows sensor... and industrial wireless sensor networks for conditional maintenance sensor, process control and sensing, asset tracking GPS/GPRS...


We also promotes SARAH radio protocol. It is a new, very reliable, long range, licence-free & open source RADIO protocol for home and building automation. SARAH assures interorablilty between equipments. More manufacturers have adopted SARAH yet: be a part of the eco-system.